Monday, March 11, 2013

This week we celebrate "Gotcha Day".  Those who have adopted know exactly what that means.  Four years ago our lives changed dramatically.  As we welcomed two little girls into our lives we had no idea what we were getting into or how our lives would look at this stage.  To be honest, we expected some kind of problems.  The risks of adopting from Russia and the likelihood of FAS caused us to wonder if, or what symptoms our daughters might exhibit.  By God's grace, our girls show no signs of any abnormality!  Both girls are doing well in school, and are fun to be around.  Each night I go in and kiss them good night, and say a short prayer over each one, remembering how inadequate we are as parents, and how much we need God to give us wisdom and grace as we raise our girls.

Lately I have been thinking about legacies, and what we will leave for our girls when we are gone.  Certainly there will be some "things", which is kind of neat to think about some of our special things going to these children who we love so much.  Jewelry, knick-knacks, heirlooms, etc. But I have realized how temporary these things really are.  What can we really leave that will have lasting significance to our girls, and the generations who come after them?   We can leave them with a lasting faith in Jesus Christ!  The foundation of faith will last forever, and can pass from generation to generation.  All other things will be spent, lost, break, rust, decay, or be thrown away.  Ah, but faith lasts.  I pray that our girls grow up to be women of faith, which is carried forward for generations to come.  That they would marry God fearing men, and together they would raise there children to love and know The Lord. 

So on this day, as we celebrate what God has entrusted to us, these two beautiful girls, who have turned our lives upside down, we stop and say thank you to The One who has blessed us so much.

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